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Contact the BLH Safety Solutions™ team to discuss how we can reduce risk in your workplace.

For more information, or to place an order, email or call us:
Phone: 0400 895839 (+61 400 895839 Outside of Australia)

Office Locations


Head Office - Australia
116 Weld Street Beaconsfield, Tasmania 7270, Australia.
Phone: 0400 895839 (+61 400 895839 Outside of Australia)

Mark Austin

Mark Austin – General Manager
0400 895839 (+61 400 895839 Outside of Australia)
LinkedIn Mark Austin

Mark is the Manager of the BLH Safety Solutions™ company and brings with him over 15 years experience in Business Management, Networking and Sales.  He is a highly motivated Manager, with local and international experience providing innovative leading edge safety solutions. He provides strong leadership and strength in developing the BLH Safety Solutions team to reach their peak potential. 

Shane Gill

 Shane Gill - CEO and Founder of the BLH Group
LinkedIn Shane Gill

Shane has strong leadership skills and exceptional work ethics. Highly self-motivated, he strives to ensure the BLH Group is a safety leader whilst providing quality services to the global markets. The inspiration, direction and drive Shane provides throughout the BLH Group, ensures a strong future and diversity with uniform business practices and a solid relationship with clients and BLH employees.


Kate Miller

Kate Miller – Area Manager
LinkedIn Kate Miller

Kate is our Area Manager for BLH Safety Solutions™ and has over 30 years administration experience.  Kate manages the local area of Safety Solutions operations including internal and external clients, suppliers and employees.  



Nick Van Lierop

Nick Van Lierop – QA Manager/ Design Technician
0400 895839 (+61 400 895839 Outside of Australia)
LinkedIn Nick Van Lierop

Nick is the QA Manager for BLH Safety Solutions™ and is responsible for the technical attributes and development of our core safety products.  This team brings to life the innovative products of BLH Safety Solutions™ in the form of technical specifications towards manufacture.  Nick is an experienced technical designer and manager and has been with the company for some years.  He has over 18 years  experience using AutoCAD and other 3D parametric designing software as well as over 10 years experience in leading and managing a team of diverse individuals.  He prides himself on his attention to detail, ensuring production results are of the highest quality. 




Please view our Distributors list for a Distributor close to you